MONEY MONDAYS: There is a benefit to Couponing

Do you clip coupons?  If not, this post is for you!!!!

As I sorted through my mail today, it dawned on me what I should discuss in this installment of Money Mondays:  COUPONING!!!!!  I have recently slacked on my goal of incorporating coupons into every shopping trip and have really noticed the difference in food expenditures. reports that coupon clipping can generate approximately $1,000.00 in annual savings for a family of 4.    Imagine what you would do with an extra $1,000.00 in your family’s annual budget.


Now, I am not suggesting that you become 1 of those extreme couponers that are featured on television but expand your purchasing power or even use couponing as a way to increase your savings.  With internet websites, customer loyalty discounts and rewards points, you can easily and quickly rack up the savings. 

Here are just a few tips that you can use as you start couponing:

  1. Sign up for customer discount, rewards and rebate account with your favorite stores.  Just by signing up for a new rewards program with Safeway last week, I was able to get a free dozen eggs!!!!
  2. Start clipping!!!  Here are just a few coupon websites recommended by;;  This blog also has several great suggestions about coupon shopping at  Just a few minutes to search for and clip coupons could result in a substantial savings for your family.
  3. Be sure to use them with every shopping trip.  Coupons do you no good when you leave them at home or work.  If you invest in a Dollar Store type coupon organizer, you can organize and store your coupons in 1 place such as in your reuseable grocery bags or in the glove compartment of your car.  I have even planned my shopping list for the week or month based upon the coupons and sales that are available when I shop.
  4. When clipping coupons, don’t forget to clip favorite items for your family and friends so that you can share the savings!!!!

With just a little time and research, this will make a tremendous difference where it counts…in your pocketbook.

YOUR MONEY MONDAY CHALLENGE:  Before taking your next trip to your local supermarket, consider devoting thirty (30) minutes to an hour each week to clip coupons from the Sunday paper or your favorite coupon website.  Take the money that you have saved through couponing and rewards cards and put it into a savings account and allow it to grow during the course of the year.  At the end of the year, let me know what you have been able to save!!!!!


Have a happy MONEY MONDAY!!!!






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